Aerial Maps - Orthomosiacs - GEO Tiffs & 3D Models

Provide large scale, precise detail of a property or terrain. Unlike single photos, these are composed of numerous photos stitched together to produce very large, high resolution images with very high level accuracy.

In the full sized version of the orthomosaic above, you could zoom in and actually count the bricks in the troughs on the left side of the image. Orthomosaic images can be delivered in any size or resolution you require.

The aerial map example below is greatly reduced in size for the Internet, and overlaid on google maps to demonstrate the difference in the resolution, quality and detail. Zoom in by rolling your mouse wheel (or equivalent) to compare the resolution between the two maps. Many areas shown by Google Maps are out of date. Drones are being used more and more to bring the resolution and currency up to date.

View a 3D Property Model

1. Click the play arrow on the 3D aerial property model image below.

2. Once is loads, click the double headed arrow in the lower right of the image to make it full screen.

3. Once it renders you will be able to rotate it and move it around. Use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

4. You can exit full screen mode with the Esc Key

3D Aerial Property Model

3D Construction Site Example by mhpilot on Sketchfab

3D models provide much more detail and sight line accuracy than traditional photography. They can be used to analyse a location from all angles which can assist in pre-planning a special event or photography or video shoot, among other things, remotely without needing to physically visit the site in advance to check all the angles. They can also be reproduced with a 3D printer. When  used in combination with an orthomosaic image, you can get highly accurate information regarding a property or location.

3D Model Fly Through Video


We are not surveyors. The maps, models and associated data provided and offered on this website do not represent survey grade data. No liability is assumed for the accuracy of the data delineated on any map, either expressed or implied. If you require centimetre accuracy, please seek the services of a licensed land surveyor or survey engineer. DronesiViews LLC data gathering does not replace the need for a licensed land surveyor. Additionally, we do not overlay property boundaries on lots (developed or undeveloped) for sale for the same reasons noted above.