Innovative Online Construction Progression Reports

- Web based monitoring of construction progress for builders, buyers and brokers -

Monitor your construction site progress online, from anywhere in the world


Video Progressions

Allow you to observe changes over time


POI Photos

Target the evolution of areas of interest



Provide a large overview of the entire project


360 Photo/Video

Exterior or interior 360 photo and video options

Innovative Technology To Track Your Arizona Construction Site Progress

Construction Site Progression Report

Video Progression Displays

Overview the changes in your construction site from week to week, or month to month via an aerial video site tour that fades between the previous capture and the current capture dates. Video sample below...

Comparison images and large orthomosaics

You and your associates can log into a private web page, 24/7 and review site progress in intricate detail.

360 Aerial Views

In addition to high resolution photos and video, 360 aerial views are utilized to give a birds eye view of the progress of the project. Click the image below and use your cursor to look around the project site. Use  your mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

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