About DronesiViews LLC

DronesiViews LLC is a small, independent photography, video and Phoenix Arizona drone service provider. We pride ourselves in providing top quality deliverables,  and uncompromising personalized customer service. We may not be the biggest, but we pride ourselves in being among the best drone service providers in Arizona, and we stand behind our work with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Mark Hamilton Photographer and Drone Pilot

Mark Hamilton - 107 Certified Commercial Drone Pilot

Student Services Manager at Pilot Institute - https://pilotinstitute.com
Professional photographer / FAA licensed commercial drone pilot

Photography has been a lifelong pursuit and passion for me. I can't recall a time when I didn't have a camera of some sort. I was a photography enthusiast long before I began utilizing drones for aerial photography.

I started flying fixed wing RC aircraft back in 2008. I was formally trained by the president the Desert Hawks AMA flight club in Lake Havasu City Arizona, and was formally awarded my solo flight certificate in 2009. You can watch a short video of the event below.

My interest in RC aircraft was always aerial photography. Even back in the early days of flying remote controlled aircraft, I used velcro to attach a go pro camera to my fixed wing RC aircraft in an attempt to utilize aerial photography. But without a 3 axis gimbal or a screen to monitor what the camera was actually seeing, the resulting footage was hit or miss and very unstable so I gave up on my aspiration to become an aerial photographer in 2010. That is until quad copters (aka drones) came along. Technology had finally caught up with my aspirations, and in 2018 I purchased my first drone. The rest as they say, is history.

I'm not just someone who purchased a drone with a camera on it, hung a shingle, and called himself a photographer. I've had a life long passion for photography and and I was born in 1958. I was using a camera, long before I purchased my first drone (I currently own 4), and was already an accomplished RC pilot as well.

The bottom line: is I can provide you with top quality photography and videography as well as safe, licensed, insured, responsible services of all kinds, customized to your particular needs.

I'm also constantly educating myself, increasing my knowledge, and improving my skills.
I absolutely guarantee your satisfaction. Call me today to discuss your project.

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Airdata UAV|Drone Safety Verified Badge

Desert Hawks 2009

 It was a simple, but proud day for me when the president of the Lake Havasu, Desert Hawks, AMA RC chapter awarded me my solo RC pilot certificate back in 2009. I've been flying ever since.

Visual Observer

Randy Paulsen

Retired Sheriff / Visual Observer / Recreational Drone Pilot

Randy is my right hand man and visual observer. He is a retired law enforcement officer, who served 10 years with The City of Indio, CA. Police Department, and 12 years with the Riverside County California Sheriff’s Department.

Randy is formally trained and is an exemplary crew member at DronesiViews LLC. He has a passion for the drone services industry and photography, and consistently demonstrates the motivation and self discipline for learning and developing the knowledge and skills necessary to help contribute to DronesiViews LLC’s reputation as a respected name in the professional drone services industry.

He also pilots drones for fun himself.