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Aerial Photography Provides a Clear, Uniquely Impressive Perspective That Cannot Be Seen From the Ground

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If “a picture is worth a thousand words”, then surely in comparrison, “aerial photography says it all”.  Aerial photography provides a unique, highly impactful and more inspiring view of the world we live in.


The rapidly emerging drone photography service industry has made professional aerial photography and videography more accessible and affordable than ever before. Even smaller, more budget conscious businesses can now afford to use drone services to improve their image, efficiency and productivity.

Prior to “the dawn of the drones”, getting high quality aerial photography was very expensive and out of reach of the majority.  In order to get high quality aerial photos and video, you would have to hire a professional photographer, helicopter and helicopter pilot which requires an investment of thousands of dollars.  All that has changed with the emergence of modern drone technology.

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Professional Drone Photography Services Are Proven Assets For:



Used effectively, drone aerial photography services can be a valuable tool to increase the productivity and revenue of many different types of businesses.

All the experts agree that the drone service industry is here to stay and is one of the rapidly emerging “Next BIG Things”. A popular article entitled “7 Reasons why drones are the future of business” has recently made it into many of our nation’s major financial publications. However, a little research will reveal that this is a topic of significant importance to business owners in today’s modern economy.

Drones are also a “destructive industry” meaning they will transform how we do business, increasing the effectiveness, efficiency and productivity of many industries, while laying others to waste. Consider the helicopter example previously cited. Why would you pay for a $4500 (or more) helicopter aerial photography package for a day, when you can get the same thing for around $800 to $1200 from a Professional Drone Photography Service Provider.

Can drone services benefit your particular business and provide you with a competitive edge? If so, are you going to be a trend leader, or a trend follower?


If you are going to use drone services
Make Sure They Are FAA Part 107 Certified


FAA Certified Drone Pilot

The FAA introduced the Part 107 educational standards and knowledge testing into the drone service industry in order to safely, effectively, and fully integrate unmanned aerial vehicles and services into the controlled air space by the year 2025.


FAA Part 107 Certification is the equivalent of an FAA pilots license for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) pilots.  A drone pilot who holds a valid, current, FAA 107 license has proven their knowledge and understanding of safe and effective flight requirements in and around controlled airspace

107 certification is a Legal REQUIREMENT for doing ANY type of commercial drone work in the United States!


Drone video and photo services are great for live construction site progress reports

Unlicensed Drone pilots (and those who hire them for commercial purposes) can be heavily fined and even imprisoned. The bottom line is if you are going to hire a drone pilot for any purpose, always insist upon proof that they are 107 certified, licensed and insured! It will not only protect your business from liability but help to protect public safety as well.


The difference between a hobbyist and a 107 certified drone pilot.

The most important basic qualities to look for in a drone photographer in order to insure the success of any project are:


  1. Their level of flying skills.
  2. Their photography skills.
  3. How knowledgeable, responsible and safety conscious they are.

If they lack any of these 3 qualities, the result could not only be hazardous, but very costly in damage, liability and the quality of the results obtained.

A recreational drone pilot is subject to legal and airspace limitations that the 107 Pilot can overcome with the proper authorizations or waivers etc.

The 107 certified drone pilot knows how to read airspace sectional maps, understands restricted airspace, weather patterns and such, to ensure proper go/no go flight decisions, as well as how to safely execute that flight mission for the protection of the company, environment and everyone in it.


The 107 pilot is also required to continue their education in order to improve their knowledge, understanding and competence as a drone pilot when it comes to understanding and safely navigating airspace, and they must retest and prove this knowledge officially, every two years.

Some commercial inspection or advertising jobs can take a drone thousands of feet high in busy, controlled city airspace for instance. In which case air space must be understood and authorizations acquired as well as “live” communication (at times), with air traffic controllers and other airspace authorities who have their “eye on the sky”.

The commercial drone pilot is an educated and certified professional who knows how to responsibly and safely identify and navigate in controlled airspace whenever necessary.

The hobbyist is restricted to a 400 foot altitude and if they engage in ANY commercial job for pay, to promote themselves, or to be used by their employer commercially, and get caught, both they AND the employer/contractor can be heavily fined or even serve jail time.

Getting caught could be as easy as an incognito FAA field inspector casually commenting on how nice your drone videography ads are and asking who you used for the job. Then checking to see if the drone pilot is 107 certified.


  • FAA 107 UAV Pilots carry Commercial Liability Insurance for the clients protection.
  • Hobbyists can NOT even get covered for commercial jobs and as mentioned previously, it is illegal for them to engage in commercial work of any kind.

Hopefully this brief overview gives you a greater understanding and appreciation for the value drone photography and the importance of hiring a qualified drone photographer.

For more specific information about the specifics of how drones can be used for:


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