Lynn Skowronski
Lynn Skowronski
Happy Client

I’ve known Mark for several years and have always been impressed at the artistry and creativity of his photography and videos.  His latest endeavor into drone aerial photography and video has shown me that his talent has found it’s niche. Mark has an eye for perspective and beauty; his imagination and an eye for detail  produces lovely works of art.

Christianna Skowronski Tuminello
A Satisfied Client

Mark Hamilton did an excellent job photographing and videoing my father’s Celebration of Life service. He captured the moments and memories beautifully. Mark did not have to ask what pictures I wanted him to focus on or take, he just naturally gravitated to the special moments and caught them on camera. I would recommend him for any event. His personality and knowledge is amazing and he loves his work.

US Forest Service
Brandon Hollingshead – Forestry Technician
Tonto National Forest, Cave Creek Ranger District

Amazing and breathtaking footage!! You got some really beautiful shots with that drone and such an interesting perspective on the landscape after having driven that area so many times. Thank you so much for sending that footage over, our district definitely have not had something that highly produced created here.

Carole Turley
Carole Turley
Retired Marketing & Advertising Director

I have known Mark Hamilton since 1991 when we teamed up together in the Entertainment Business. Not only does Mark have vision and creativity, but he is focused on attention to detail. If a person or business wants to expand their customer base etc. Mark would be just the man to assist in that with the products he can deliver that are of the highest quality. Over 25 years of knowing him professionally and personally and I can state that I would HIGHLY recommend him!