It is illegal for ANY non FAA 107 certified drone pilot to engage in ANY commercial flight operations. The penalties for the recreational pilot and the person or business who hires them are stiff fines and in rare cases imprisonment, depending on the type of air space violation.

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Benefits of HDR & Drone Photography for Real Estate

Professional HDR Real Estate Photography services can make your public listings stand out from the crowd, attract and hold potential buyer interest, helping you to schedule more property viewings with qualified buyers and close more sales faster! Professional DSLR, HDR Photography provides more appealing clarity and "realism" to your listings! Hiring a professional Real Estate [...]Read more

The Advantages of Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography Provides a Clear, Uniquely Impressive Perspective That Cannot Be Seen From the Ground If "a picture is worth a thousand words", then surely in comparrison, "aerial photography says it all".  Aerial photography provides a unique, highly impactful and more inspiring view of the world we live in.   The rapidly emerging drone photography [...]Read more